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Viewers loved being confused by Westworld season 2 episode 1

"I don't understand it, but I love it" – check out the reaction to Westworld's opening episode and storylines here (contains spoilers)

Published: Monday, 23rd April 2018 at 9:35 am

After over a year of waiting, viewers have finally been gifted the debut of Westworld season two. However, unwrapping the first episode left many in a state of confusion.


Warning: contains spoilers for Westworld Season 2 Episode 1

Why? Well, firstly it didn’t help that a lot of viewers still had plenty of unanswered questions from season one: was Maeve’s rebellion just another part of the storyline given to her? What is Robert Ford’s overall plan? And what was that mysterious samurai world (aka Shogun world) we glimpsed at the season’s close? Answer: who cares, it’s all fantastic viewing, right?

Minutes into season two audiences were left confused by Bernard – the android created in the image of park designer Arnold – who appeared in scenes not strictly shown in chronological order.

Then viewers found out Westworld could be part of a least SIX other parks…

And the show then reached philosophical boiling point as Delores (or the new murder-prone Delores 2.0) asked, “What is real?”

Mixing that line with a final twist where Bernard appeared to kill a group of hosts, plus the introduction of new Delos security forces and the new concept of ‘drone hosts’, the first episode was simply mind-melting. In the best way.


In summary:

Westworld Season 2 is on streaming service NOW TV and Sky Atlantic on Monday 23rd April at 9pm. Episodes will be available weekly on demand and repeated at 9pm the same day

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