Watching Doctor Who (and sex scenes) popular among commuters

Well, we've got to survive those Tube carriages somehow...


Every morning, crammed into a Tube carriage, our face crooked into a stranger’s armpit in apologetic rugby, we would give anything, literally anything, to step into a magic box and disappear to somewhere far, far away.


The closest we have is our mobile phone.

Maybe that’s why Doctor Who has topped a survey of the nation’s favourite BBC show to watch while commuting. Conducted (naturally) by mobile provider O2 Priority, it found that 47% of the 2,000 people polled watch while on the move, and that the most popular genre to watch is British comedy – presumably because we use laughter to distract us from the bitter joke that is our daily travel arrangements.

Doctor Who came in first, with The Office, Planet Earth, Only Fools and Horses and Little Britain rounding out the top five.

For what it’s worth, the survey also found that 78% of respondents were fine with watching sex scenes surrounded by their fellow passengers.


As a fellow passenger, let us just say: we’re not.