Doctor Who’s Mark Gatiss and Derek Jacobi will face off in a two Masters story for Big Finish

It takes a Master to defeat a Master...


The saga of Doctor Who’s War Master (Derek Jacobi) is about to conclude with a spectacular confrontation.


Big Finish, producers of Doctor Who audio plays since 1999, have been chronicling the further adventures of Jacobi’s Master following his TV appearance in 2007 episode ‘Utopia’.

In December, The War Master: Anti-Genesis will bring the range to a close, following 2017’s Only The Good, last year’s The Master of Callous and July’s Rage of the Time Lords.

In this final boxset, the Master unleashes his most audacious plot yet – as leader of the Daleks… and it’ll take a Master from another universe to stop him…

Mark Gatiss has been playing an alternative universe version of The Master for Big Finish since 2003 release Doctor Who – Unbound: Sympathy for the Devil, with Anti-Genesis seeing his incarnation cross paths with Jacobi’s.

The War Master: Anti-Genesis
Big Finish

Explaining the complex crossover, writer and co-script editor Nicholas Briggs said: “When producer/director Scott Handcock and I came up with the idea of there being an ‘alternative universe’ Master in the fourth War Master box set, we were very excited.

“We had it in mind that if Mark Gatiss really wasn’t available that we could, in theory and desperation, invent another ‘alternative universe’ Master — but we were really hoping for Mark. And the fact that Mark could make the recording dates makes me very happy indeed. The whole relationship between Derek Jacobi’s War Master and Mark’s Master is an intriguing one that gives many opportunities for stand-out performances from these great actors.”

The War Master: Anti-Genesis - cast
The cast of The War Master: Anti-Genesis
Big Finish

The War Master: Anti-Genesis will be comprised of four stories – ‘From the Flames’ by Nicholas Briggs, ‘The Master’s Dalek Plan’ by Alan Barnes, ‘Shockwave’ by Alan Barnes and ‘He Who Wins’ by Nicholas Briggs.

Briggs will also voice the Daleks in the release, which will additionally see the return of recurring Big Finish character Narvin, played by Seán Carlsen, and will feature actor Jordan Renzo – who played Matteusz in the Doctor Who spin-off Class – playing a new character, Insloy.


The War Master: Anti-Genesis is available for pre-order now at £22.99 on CD or £19.99 on download.