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How to join John Barrowman for our Torchwood watch-along simulcast

The fans have cast their votes, and we’ll all be reliving Torchwood episode ‘Captain Jack Harkness’ on Thursday 2nd April at 8.10pm

Published: Tuesday, 31st March 2020 at 5:59 pm

It’s not long until’s #RTWatch online simulcast of Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood, and after counting thousands of fan votes, we now know which episode we’ll all be watching along with series star John Barrowman on Thursday 2nd April.


After it took a significant portion of the vote, we can reveal the chosen episode is series one’s critically-acclaimed 'Captain Jack Harkness', an episode which saw Torchwood leader Jack and Tosh (Naoko Mori) trapped in the 1940s where they meet a man with ties to Jack’s past.

And if you’re wondering how to take part, it’s simple. On Thursday 2nd April, fans around the world will press play on series one, episode 12 at 8.10pm BST (that’s 3.10pm ET and 12.10pm PT), whether that’s via BBC iPlayer in the UK or on a DVD or another streaming service (a full list of where Torchwood is available can be found below).

As the episode airs, fans can tweet along using the hashtags #RTWatch, #Torchwood and #CaptainJackHarkness to join in the conversation, while series star John Barrowman streams live on Instagram and shares behind-the-scenes commentary on Twitter during the episode.

After the episode has concluded, John will join us for a live Q&A hosted on and our YouTube channel, where we’ll be delving into the episode’s production, Torchwood as a whole and asking questions submitted by fans.

So there you have it – all you have to do to join in is have access to the episode, follow along with the hashtags and John Barrowman’s social media feed and then check back here for the Q&A. Simple!

And if you’re wondering where to view the episode, all four seasons of Torchwood are currently available on BBC iPlayer. If you’re outside the UK, watch Torchwood on Amazon Prime Video, buy the digital box set on Sky, or the full DVD box set for seasons 1-4 is available too. You can also buy episodes on iTunes.

We look forward to hearing from you on Thursday – and following that, stay tuned for more announcements about upcoming Torchwood screenings planned for season two’s 'Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang' (which won its own poll alongside 'Captain Jack Harkness') as well as five-episode miniseries 'Children of Earth'.

After all, the 21st Century's when it all changes - and you've got to be ready.


Join John Barrowman and to watch Torchwood’s Captain Jack Harkness on Thursday 2nd April at 8.10pm (after we clap for the brilliant NHS in the UK)


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