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The Doctor becomes the villain in first Time Lord Victorious trailer

The teaser for the Doctor Who spin-off project sees a lone Dalek promise to warn the universe about a great threat – the Doctor…

Time Lord Victorious
Published: Tuesday, 1st September 2020 at 5:15 pm

After months of teasing and endless release announcements Doctor Who spin-off project Time Lord Victorious is finally about to kick off – and to mark the occasion, BBC Studios have released a rather ominous new trailer.


Starring a lone, broken Dalek hanging in the depths of space, the teaser sees the classic Who foe vowing to repair itself and warn the universe of a great threat – a threat that once might have seemed unimaginable.

“I am the last… but I survive,” the Dalek says in the new trailer.

“I will repair… because I must warn the universe about the Doctor!!!”

Cue dramatic music – or, in this case, a sizzle reel of all the Time Lord Victorious releases which include comics, escape rooms, figurines, games, books and much more. Though if you’re reading this piece, you probably know all that, and have spent plenty of time trying to work out how you’ll be able to afford Time Fracture AND the Brian the Ood figurine. Priorities.

“The entire thing, as it stands, is massive,” Time Lord Victorious producer James Goss previously told

“And anything else that we announce is just going to be more massive. Certainly to be doing something that encompasses immersive theatre and an escape room as well as books, audio, digital, gaming... you're just there going, this is pretty much everything.”

Starring the Doctors played by Paul McGann, David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston, the Time Lord Victorious story is still largely under wraps, but it’s been hinted the plot will pick up threads laid in 2009’s Waters of Mars when Tennant’s Doctor decided to ignore the rules of time and space to declare himself, you guessed it, The Time Lord Victorious.

In this story, Tennant’s Time Lord will apparently to try and conquer death itself, with his past lives (and a load of Daleks, apparently) getting caught up in the action. Though as we say not much has been revealed yet, so we could be way off base.

Certainly, there’ll be a lot of material to get through to find out.

“It is an attempt to tell an epic Doctor Who story across every available platform apart from TV,” Goss continued. “Similar things have been done with Star Wars very successfully. And what Doctor Who has done, being Doctor Who, is finding a way of taking it to the next level.

“It's a massive and yet very accessible undertaking, in that it's telling a story that features three very popular Doctors, some great old monsters, Daleks, great explores an unknown chunk of the Doctor Who universe, the Dark Times.”

And with the Doctor apparently the villain of the piece, we’re betting this will be a story worth checking out – or at least checking out whichever bits appeal the most to you. Personally, we’re still stacking up the piggy bank for Brian the Ood.


Check out the full list of Time Lord Victorious releases here. Want something to watch? Check out our TV Guide.


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