Still not watched season one of Netflix’s scariest original yet? Get off this article before we levitate you into a digger (don't worry, it’ll all make sense soon).


Right, while the uninitiated are off exploring the Upside Down, we’ve got time to let you in on this mind-bending theory from Uproxx: what if Eleven is the monster?

Wait, come back! This isn’t just a weak ‘hero is the baddie’ plot twist you've already pondered. This is much much deeper.

Consider this: what if that shaved-headed girl is fighting a version of herself? Not another part of her personality, but an actual physical manifestation of Eleven’s trauma in Hawkins' lab?

Let us explain. Firstly, the boys named the monster the Demogorgon, a two-headed beast from Dungeons and Dragons.

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However – and prepare for your mind to blow – the monster we see wrecking havoc in Hawkins only has one head.

According to D&D lore, the Demogorgon’s two heads (called Aameul and Hethradiah) have two very opposing personalities, meaning they’re not best buds. In fact, they hate each other. A bit like Eleven hates the monster, if you catch our drift.

And the only thing stopping the two heads killing each other? The shared thought that without the other, neither could not exist. Is Eleven the other head? Yes, that could explain why Eleven and the monster disappear together in the season finale.

Need more convincing? Consider that the first time we see the monster is in the completely black space of what might be Eleven’s mind; it's a place that looks nothing like the hellish-mirror version of our world called the Upside Down. Almost like the monster is part of El.

So far, so utterly convincing. But there’s another piece to this fan-made jigsaw. Pretty soon into the first episode, the boys are racing back home for their pick of the loser’s comics. Will shouts: "I'll take your X-Men #134!"

X-Men #134? Yes, X-Men #134, the issue where telekinetic superstar Jean Grey starts battling with an evil superpower inside of her that soon takes physical form (in case you’re not a comic-buff, this so-called 'Phoenix' storyline is the one you saw in the X-Men 3 film).


Still not convinced? Get back to the Upside Down where the monster (who is Eleven) will put you right.