This new app lets you create your own Doctor Who comics

Brb, just gonna do this for several months straight


Sick of waiting for Doctor Who series 10, even though it hasn’t been that long yet? Desperate to create your own adventures for the Time Lord but hamstrung by lack of time, money or not being Steven Moffat working for a massive TV corporation?


If you answered yes to these (and if not, perhaps you ARE Steven Moffat – hiya!) then the new Doctor Who comic creator app might just be for you, allowing fans to create their very own stories for the Doctor without the hassle of actually becoming a massively successful TV producer.

Available for download on iPhone, iPad and Android, the BBC app is free (though extras can be bought each month) and offers fans a choice of page layouts, villains and popular characters (including different Doctors) to arrange and create epic tales limited only by their imaginations.

The way it works is that fans are given a set of layouts, backgrounds and characters and then combine them in different combinations, adding speech bubbles, props and sound effects as you go. The app also allows you to re-size, duplicate, flip, rotate and otherwise edit your world until it’s exactly how you want it, before you sit back and flip through the story in the Comic Reader function.

Even the baddies can be of your own invention thanks to the Monster Maker function, like old Dalek Arm-y McRhinoface here. Truly, a villain for the ages.

“Ever imagined creating epic battles against the Daleks on Skaro, or sending the Doctor to foil the Cybermen on a futuristic space station?” the app store description asks.

“How about designing your very own species of alien Monster to unleash against the Doctor?! Now there’s no stopping you…”

That said you could also not bother and just read the app’s own comic-book story A Stitch in Time, where the Twelfth Doctor and Clara apparently battle a Time Weaver and probably make us feel bad about our own amateurish efforts where the Tardis team just “looks for a cool guy named Huw”.


Doctor Who will return this Christmas