This incredible visual effects breakdown reveals how the Battle of the Bastards was created

Game of Thrones fans, look out for Wun Wun as a giant stick...


Battle of the Bastards was one of Game of Thrones’ most spectacular battle sequences yet; an epic face-off between two armies, and some of the most frenzied chaos ever captured on screen.


It left viewers stunned at how the show pulled it off, a mystery to which the answer seems to be: through an incredibly deft combination of practical effects and special effects. See for yourself below, in a video posted by VFX company Iloura, who have also worked on projects such as Mad Max: Fury Road and Ghostbusters. It’s an impressive piece of work.


We’re particularly big fans of the bit where giant Wun Wun is revealed to be a giant stick, and this hilarious shot of digital trickery.