This epic fan video tries to find out who’s the strongest Avenger: Hulk or Iron Man

The Superhero showdown you've been waiting for


We’ve already seen Iron Man pitted against Captain America in Civil War, and we’re due a showdown between the Hulk and a certain hammer-throwing Norse god in Thor: Ragnarok. But what about Iron Man versus the Hulk? Stark versus Banner? Who’s king of the kick-ass nerds?


That’s the question this Screen Rant supercut trailer’s tried to answer, pitting the Hulk’s radiation-fuelled super-strength against, well, the HulkBuster.

And yes, we’ve already seen a preview of what might happen in a battle of brawn between the two in The Avengers:Age of Ultron, but this supercut goes beyond a public spat. These heroes are now fighting to the death. And it is awesome.


Oh, and watch out for Wolverine’s appearance too. It makes almost no sense he’s there, but we’re going with it.