This early appearance proves Doctor Who star David Tennant always had time travel in his blood

Looks as though the 10th Doctor might have used another Chameleon Arch...


David Tennant became a household name in the UK thank to his portrayal of Doctor Who’s 10th Doctor, but it seems as though he knew he was destined to become a master of space and time long before he ever set foot in a Tardis.


Back in 1994 Tennant was starring in Takin’ Over The Asylum, a six-part BBC Scotland series about a hospital radio station in a Glasgow psychiatric hospital.

And while waxing lyrical about his talents to Ken Stott’s Eddie McKenna, he revealed something rather interesting about himself.

Now we know he became John Smith in Family of Blood/Human Nature but what if David Tennant’s 10th Doctor used ANOTHER Chameleon Arch in the early 1990s?


It would certainly explain a few things. Especially those curtains.