These kids arranged the most wonderful Doctor Who themed wedding ever for their two mums

Marrying Mum and Dad, CBBC's answer to Don't Tell The Bride, featured a brilliant marital adventure in space and time

There’s nothing odd about weeping at a wedding – especially if you’re a Weeping Angel, like the one who attended one of the most wonderful Doctor Who weddings we’ve ever seen.


CBBC’s Marrying Mum and Dad takes Don’t Tell The Bride one step further by keeping both of the betrothed in the dark about what’s happening: it’s up to the kids to plan the wedding and Rory (8) and Lois (9) decided their mums (Julie and Amanda) deserved quite the marital adventure in space and time.

Rory and Lois roped in their pal Charlotte and the trio set about organising an incredible Who wedding, based on the union between Silurian lizard warrior Madame Vastra and her Victorian wife Jenny Flint.

No expense was spared, with everything from the food to transport being Doctor Who themed. Julie and Amanda literally travelled through time and space in the Tardis on the way to their nuptials.

And once they arrived at the wedding venue (a museum designed to look like a Tardis interior complete with console) the Who theme continued, with guests all donning Doctor Who costumes.

As for the entertainment? Well, let’s just say the kids organised an interesting adventure in space and slime…

And Madam Vastra and Jenny Flint (and their kids) certainly had the timey wimey time of their lives.


“I’m really happy” says Lois, “as it makes us more of a family and it means a lot to me.”