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The Who is Doctor Who? conspiracy website still exists and features updates from Mickey Smith

The site originally set up by a man named Clive to track sightings of the mysterious time travelling stranger and his companion Rose is still live online

Published: Saturday, 16th January 2016 at 11:10 am

Remember back where it all began (again)? When a mysterious stranger calling himself the Doctor bumped into an ordinary shopgirl called Rose, saved her from some plastic aliens and changed her life forever?


Yes? Then you may also remember that Rose wasn’t the first person to have noticed the Doctor and that one man in particular had been tracking his movements around the world and across time.

His name was Clive, and so obsessed was he with the Doctor that he even set up a website to record sightings of him and to investigate other strange alien phenomena.

Well that site still exists – it’s live on the internet – and as well as all the original posts from Clive, there are also some more recent updates from Mickey Smith, Rose’s former boyfriend and a man who has since travelled with her and the Doctor and fought alongside them.


Not all of the pages on the site still work. The video messages from Mickey no longer play but you can still read about sightings of Rose and the Doctor – apparently dating back to the 1980s and even to the 19th century – conspiracy theories about him, as well as records of the time aliens crash-landed in the Thames and tried to take over the Earth.


Although, most people seem to have forgotten about that.


It's up to us to keep those memories alive...


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