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The Tupperware Party is just beginning in first look at Karen Gillan's directorial debut

The Doctor Who and Guardians of The Galaxy star has stepped behind the camera for her new film

Published: Saturday, 22nd April 2017 at 11:00 am

She's travelled through space and time with The Doctor and battled the Guardians of The Galaxy but now Karen Gillan is heading off on her own cinematic adventure with her directorial debut.


The Scottish actress has stepped behind the camera to write, direct and star in Tupperware Party (that's the official title for what she's calling it The Party's Just Beginning), a movie about a young woman who's been through a traumatic time.

"The story follows our lead character as she deals with the suicide of her best friend" Gillan explained as she shared an exclusive shot from the new movie via Instagram. "She has a hard time expressing how she feels and finds herself on a path of self destruction."

Formerly known as Tupperware Party, the film co-stars Matthew Beard, Lee Pace, Siobhan Redmond, Paul Higgins and a variety of Scottish actors.

“It’s one year on and she’s having a hard time connecting with anyone" Gillan told Empire. "Everyone is very Scottish and unable to talk about their emotions, so everything’s bottled up and it comes out in other ways.”

Gillan revealed that she was inspired to write the film after learning that suicide rates in the Highlands were significantly higher than in other parts of Scotland.


"Growing up there, I had such an amazing experience,” she said, “so to read something like that, it’s like, ‘Why?’


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