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The Stranger Things video game features a hidden clip from season 2

And it features a brand new character...

Published: Friday, 6th October 2017 at 12:17 pm

Just in case the news that Stranger Things released a retro-soaked 8-bit game didn’t turn your world upside down, there's more: it contains a sneak peek at season two.


Stranger Things: The Game (available on mobile devices) takes players through the events of season one, but complete it and you’ll have a glimpse of what’s to come.

But fear not, you don’t need to play seven hours on your phone to see it: victorious fans have posted the footage to Youtube.

So what can we learn from it? Apart from that Dustin loves nougat (which apparently Americans pronounce as noo-gurt), not a lot. The scene simply shows the Stranger Things kids out trick or treating on Halloween in their Ghostbuster jumpsuits.

However, we do meet Max, one of season two’s new characters, played by Sadie Sink. After the gang leaves a house with their sweet candy bags filled and their outfits unrecognised, they get a scare when she jumps out wearing a Michael Myers Halloween mask and brandishing a plastic pumpkin and knife.

Max, “a tomboy with a complicated history and a suspicious streak” is not the only new face in town this season. She's joined by Joyce Byers' love interest Bob Newby (played by Sean ‘yup, I was in The Goonies’ Astin) and Paul Reiser as Dr Owens, a ‘Department of Energy’ employee.

Neither of them feature in the new footage but we have mere weeks to wait until the whole series drops as tricky treat for Halloween...


Stranger Things is released 27th October 2017 on Netflix


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