The story of Superman’s family begins in first Krypton trailer

The new DC TV series will tell the tale of the Man of Steel's doomed home planet

Screengrab, TL

With both Superman v Batman and Justice League proving kryptonite to critics, Kal-El hasn’t had much luck on screen recently. But could a new DC TV series redeem the Superman story for viewers? Well, not exactly, because Superman isn’t really in it.


Instead of following the capers of the Man of Steel himself, new show Krypton will chart the backstory of Superman’s family before their home world (Krypton) was destroyed. And in the first trailer for the Syfy series, Seg-El (Kal-El’s grandfather, played by Cameron Cuffe, who narrates the teaser) gets a warning from the future about his planet’s fate.

So, will Seg prevent Krypton from going all Alderaan? Would that mean that Superman would never have to be jettisoned to Earth? And, most importantly, could this series finally redeem writer/director David S Goyer for his work on Superman v Batman?


Whatever the answers, we may have to wait a while before we find out: although Krypton is set to air on the Syfy channel on 21st March in the US, the UK is still waiting for a broadcast date.