The Master strikes out and the Doctor regenerates in action-packed Doctor Who trailer

The Cybermen are on the march in the Twelfth Doctor’s final battle


If you’re still reeling from the revelations in this week’s action-packed episode of Doctor Who World Enough and Time, then strap in – because based on this new episode trailer, next week’s finale is set to fray your nerves even more.


“The whole city’s a machine to turn people into Cybermen,” says Michelle Gomez’s Missy as various generations of Cybermen attack through the streets of the colony ship the Doctor and his friends found themselves on. “Whadda you think? It’s exciting, isn’t it?”

Here’s the next time trailer:

And here’s the full trailer for the series finale:

Exciting? We couldn’t agree more, at least when it comes to a trailer that includes John Simm’s returning Master on the attack (using what looks like his trademark laser screwdriver on an approaching Mondasian Cyberman), the tin-plated terrors in battalions and an apparently captured Doctor telling both Masters (Simm and Gomez) that they might have bitten off more than they can chew with their Cyberman-creation scheme.

“You know the stories – there’s only ever been one way to stop that many Cybermen,” he tells the pair while sporting a nasty cut to the head. “Me!”


Peter Capaldi’s Doctor appears to start the regeneration process that would change his personality and appearance (in reality handing over the role to another actor)

All that, and another tease about Peter Capaldi’s upcoming regeneration (pictured) to join the flashforward at the top of the episode. If you have any nails left at the end of this one we’d say you’re made of metal.


Doctor Who series 10 concludes on BBC1 next Saturday, 1st July