The last ever episode of Torchwood aired five years ago TODAY

We STILL haven’t seen a sequel to Miracle Day


Okay, Torchwood fans. You don’t want to be reminded that the Doctor Who spin-off last aired 1827 days ago. And we don’t want to remind you. But we must deal with the facts.


Miracle Day, the Torchwood series where nobody in the world could die (except Captain Jack for some blood-related reason we’re not even sure Russell T Davies knew for sure), has now gone five years to the day without a sequel.

We’ve got no idea what happened to Gwen Cooper, Cappy Jacky or even Rex Matheson, the now-immortal CIA agent (you know, that bloke you secretly wished was killed off by the end of each episode).

So why spoil your Friday with this news? So we can remind you that Torchwood will soon celebrate its 10th anniversary with a new mammoth audio play wherein the Institute’s archives (based on an asteroid, obviously) are unearthed.

And also to remind you that Class, an incoming Doctor Who spin-off, has almost exactly the same premise as Torchwood. The plot for the new show: due to the constant time/space/parallel universe activities of the Doctor, there’s a pesky tear in space-time based around Cardiff Bay Coal Hill school (the one from the very first Doctor Who episode), allowing all manner of creatures and aliens through.


Yes, there’s no Captain Jack/Gwen/Weevils, but it’s better than nothing, right? RIGHT?