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"The jig is up": designer of Doctor Who's new 'logo' admits it's a fake – after it goes viral

The new 80s vibe was all a hoax

Peter Capaldi, BBC Pictures, SL
Published: Friday, 29th December 2017 at 2:24 pm

So, when a new 'logo' for the new era of Who emerged on the internet, there was plenty of fan response on Twitter – most of it positive:

The image originated from the account of designer Jake Johnstone, who shared the logo with a cryptic caption that had fans fooled – for a while, at least.

But after seeing his work doing the rounds among Doctor Who fans, many of whom took it at face value, Johnstone eventually 'fessed up, telling his followers: "the jig is up".

"In my boredom I thought I'd design a new Doctor Who logo and see if it would pass, and it did," he wrote. "I'm really flattered by the overwhelmingly positive response so thanks to those who shared and said such kind words."

He went on to add that he "particularly loved the graphics in response to it.

"I started designing stuff, like this, for a Doctor Who blog I ran at the age of about 13/14 and that’s what lead to my career as a designer. That same excitement resonates with me particularly."

Has this all been an elaborate ruse to score an official role designing Doctor Who's logo?


Johnstone wouldn't be the first fan to be hired by the show which has a track record in calling upon the talents of its many followers. A fan-made video inspired the most recent opening credits sequence while a YouTuber who created Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover clips has been working on the latest series and Christmas special.


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