The 13th Doctor has already met the Daleks – four years ago

A very cordial encounter on the red carpet saw Jodie Whittaker admitting she was "starstruck" by the tinpot terrors


Well this is all rather timey-wimey. We were only introduced to Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker this month and yet it turns out she had already met her arch-nemeses the Daleks four years ago


In this interview on the red carpet at the 2013 Bafta TV awards, an appropriately blonde Whittaker can be seen alongside Broadchurch co-star Andrew Buchan as a Dalek drifts into view behind her.

But the Time Lady and the tinpot terror are giving each other a bit more respect than usual, with the Dalek flicking its eye-stalk towards her before calmly turning in the other direction, while Whittaker doesn’t turn around but does mention in passing that she’s “starstruck” to be in her enemy’s presence.

Could a female Doctor mean the start of a new era of improved Doctor-Dalek relations? And more to the point, could this be where Chris Chibnall first got the inspiration for casting his Broadchurch star in Doctor Who?


Props to YouTuber Stewart Seyfried for reminding us of this clip’s existence