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Nicole Maines to play TV's first transgender superhero in Supergirl

The actress will play the role of Nia Nal in season four of the Sky1 series

Nicole Maines
Published: Sunday, 22nd July 2018 at 11:40 am

Supergirl's brand new character is going to be a transgender superhero played by Nicole Maines.


Announced at San Diego's Comic-Con, the 21-year-old will play the role of Nia Nal, who is also known as Dreamer, in the DC show's fourth season.

Transgender actor and activist Maines said that it "seems only fitting that we have a trans superhero for trans kids to look up to". She also told Variety: "I want fans to take away an understanding of trans people.

"We can be anybody, we can be who we want, we can be superheroes - because in many ways we are."

She added: "I think we’re in a time right now where more than ever representation in the media matters. And what we see on television has a very dramatic effect on our society."

Maines also said that "Nia is so much more than just a trans superhero. She is a reporter, she is hopeful, she's powerful, wise and such a good friend."

Nia will be introduced as an employee of the organisation where much of the series is set - CatCo Worldwide Media.

Supergirl, which airs on Sky1 in the UK, sees Melissa Benoist as the lead character, while Maines has previously starred in US show Royal Pains as Anna.


Supergirl will be her first major role.


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