Can you spot the Stranger Things star in Dracula episode 2?

Alec Utgoff played a pretty important role in the Netflix sci-fi series…

Dracula - episode 2

BBC/Netflix series Dracula is pretty ruthless with its cast, mostly thanks to the Count’s habit of murdering more or less everyone he meets – and that means, for the second ship-based episode of the horror adaptation we’re meeting an all-new group of characters for Claes Bang to get his teeth into.


But among the familiar faces of well-known actors like Sacha Dhawan (who, after popping up in Doctor Who recently, is rather dominating the New Year’s schedule) and Clive Russell, audiences might be wondering why one of the Demeter’s crew members looks quite so familiar.

Specifically, we’re talking about Ukrainian-English actor Alec Utgoff, who plays the wistful Abramoff – and if you’re wracking your brains as to where you’ve seen him before, well try imagining him with glasses, frizzy brown hair and a strawberry (sadly, not a cherry) slurpee.

Alec Utgoff as Alexei in Stranger Things (Netflix)
Alec Utgoff as Alexei in Stranger Things (Netflix)

Yes, that’s right – he’s none other than Stranger Things’ lovable Russian scientist Alexei, who became a surprise fan favourite after debuting in the Netflix drama’s recent third season.

Kidnapped by Hopper and Joyce (David Harbour and Winona Ryder) before becoming a defector to their team, Alexei’s love of American culture, sense of fun and clashes with Hopper made him a breakout hit from Stranger Things 3, and it’s great to see Utgoff continuing to bring a little sweetness in Dracula.

But will Abramoff have more luck against the Count than Alexei did against ‘Russian Terminator’ Grigori? Only time will tell…


Dracula continues on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd January at 9pm