Stop what you’re doing. Matt Smith did a karaoke version of the Doctor Who theme tune



It’s been a good few years since Matt Smith travelled the world in the Tardis, but he still remembers every note of the Doctor Who theme tune. Oh, you want proof? Well, now you mention it…


Now, when most of us do karaoke, it’s a bleary-eyed affair in a darkly-lit room after more than a few tequila slammers. For Matt, it took place in a huge convention hall in front of scores of fans – but that only encouraged him…

The impromptu singing session was held at Wizard World Comic-Con in Portland, Oregon where Matt joined forces with former Doctor Who co-stars River Song and Arthur Darvill to pose for snaps with fans:


The weekend also saw him reunited with a long-lost friend: his sonic screwdriver. N’aww.