Steven Moffat: the next Doctor could be a woman

Doctor Who showrunner says despite Capaldi being named the twelfth Doctor, the way is still open in the future for a female Time Lord

Doctor Who fans who want a woman for the role were given a glimmer of hope last night as showrunner Steven Moffat said it still could happen.


“It’s absolutely narratively possible and when it’s the right decision maybe we’ll do it. But it didn’t feel to me right now… I didn’t feel enough people wanted it,” he said last night after Peter Capaldi was revealed as the twelfth Doctor..

“Oddly enough the most people who said they were dead against it, and I know I’ll get in trouble for saying this, but most people who said they were most against it were women. They said no, no don’t make him a woman. Not that I was influenced by that. I was influenced by nothing.”

Over the years varying number of fans have campaigned to give the role to a woman.

Colin Baker, the former Doctor has recommended Dawn French in the past and Joanna Lumley and Frances de la Tour have also been suggested for the role.

Moffat concluded his press conference by saying that the fuss over the secrecy of the casting process and the timing and fact of the live announcement  – the fact of the live reveal in August was predicted in advance by – was irrelevant.

“It matters that people love the choice, that’s it and what we were looking at when we saw that there was some minor hints out there that it was going to be Peter was that everyone was rapturous about the idea.”