Steven Moffat: Sherlock and the Doctor are complete opposites… they wouldn’t like each other

The Sherlock and Doctor Who producer pours cold water on suggestions that the two iconic characters could ever be friends

If you’ve ever daydreamed about a Sherlock-Doctor Who crossover where Holmes and the Doctor come face-to-face and become the best of friends, you can think again.


Because, according to Doctor Who showrunner and Sherlock co-creator Steven Moffat, the pair “wouldn’t like each other.”

“I suppose in certain respects they’re kind of opposites, aren’t they?” he continued, while speaking to Frank Skinner at the Ad Lib event in Edinburgh last night. “The Doctor is the angel who aspires to be human and Sherlock is the human who aspires to be an evil god.”

While we love the idea of The Doctor and Holmes hanging out, begrudgingly we kind of agree with Mr Moffat.

There goes any hope of Sherlock hopping onto the Tardis or the Doctor helping Watson and Holmes solve a mystery using his sonic screwdriver anytime soon…