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Steven Moffat and Russell T Davies reveal which classic monsters they want back on Doctor Who

The former Who showrunners think a few of The Doctor's old foes deserve an encore

Published: Sunday, 15th April 2018 at 3:16 pm

From the Ice Warriors to the Mondasian Cybermen, the last series of Doctor Who reprised many favourite monsters from the classic show. But what creatures should the sci-fi saga resurrect in the future? Former Who showrunners Steven Moffat and Russell T Davies have got some fantastic ideas.


When both asked which old aliens they’d bring back to the Whoniverse on Graham Norton’s Radio 2 show, Davies said he’d want the Krotons (not the croutons, as Norton heard) to return to the series. “They were crystallised monsters and if you think about what you could do with CGI now with something made out of crystals!” he explained.

The monsters from planet Krosi-Aspai-Core have encountered The Doctor on three occasions, debuting in the 1968 series The Krotons with Patrick Troughton’s second Doctor. And although the quasi-organic beings have the power to break down their bodies and reform to suit any situation, The Doctor easily beat them in that story with a splash of sulphuric acid.

So, what about Moffat? He opted to bring back big bug species the Wirrn. “They’re giant insects, but the old show wasn’t able to do them brilliantly," he said. "[They were in] a fantastic story, but the special effects weren’t fantastic at that point. I think they’d make a fantastic monster now.”

The insectoids made their first appearance in Tom Baker-era story The Ark in Space, where The Doctor discovered their vulnerability to electricity.

And we couldn't agree with Moffat's choice more – who wouldn't tune in to see Jodie Whittaker defeat a few aliens with the help of a giant electric fly swat? We're looking at you, Chibnall.


Doctor Who returns to BBC1 this autumn


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