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Star Wars fans have fun with John Cleese as he asks who photo of Mark Hamill is

The Star Wars actor also fired back an epic response

Published: Wednesday, 27th March 2019 at 11:21 am

You know Mark Hamill, the Star Wars actor behind Luke Skywalker, one of the most recognisable characters in cinema history? John Cleese doesn’t.


Well, at least John Cleese didn’t recognise a gif of the actor taken from The Last Jedi. Tweeting out a clip of Hamill dusting his shoulder after a massive attack from the First Order, the Fawlty Towers said: “I love this. Who is the actor?”

And Star Wars fans couldn’t resist (amiably) trolling Cleese.

Even Hamill himself got in on the action, posting the perfect response to Cleese.

But although he took it in his stride, Cleese’s question might have been a bit of a blow to Hamill. The actor admitted he was a H-U-G-E fan of the Monty Python comedian.

In fact, he’s praised Cleese on Twitter before…

...and even met and partied with fellow Monty Python star Eric Idle...


We sense great awkwardness here. But still much to laugh about, there is.


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