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Star Trek: Discovery just confirmed ANOTHER huge fan theory

Be on red alert for spoilers

Published: Monday, 22nd January 2018 at 2:24 pm

It’s happened. Again. Star Trek: Discovery has revealed another popular fan theory was correct all along.


While last week’s instalment confirmed that Lieutenant Tyler is actually a version of Klingon Voq, the sci-fi show’s most recent episode finally let viewers know that Captain Gabriel Lorca of the USS Discovery isn’t what he appears to be.

In fact, turns out Jason Isaacs’ character is originally from the mirror universe. DUM DUM DUMMM!

Okay, it’s a twist hardened Trekkies could see coming from a lightyear away – especially with the show's slow reveal. Firstly Emperor Georgiou told protagonist Michael Burham that mirror universe humans suffer from a genetic condition that leaves them sensitive to light – just like Lorca.

Then Georgiou reveals that Burham once enjoyed a relationship with Lorca, explaining why the captain was so keen to see her out of prison in her home universe.

It all suddenly clicks for Burnham: Lorca is actually an officer from Terran Empire. He fell into Starfleet’s universe and manipulated Stamets to return to the mirror universe.

However, this twist leaves us with more questions than ever. For instance, how did Lorca travel between universes? And what happened to the Lorca in the “prime universe”? Did Mirror Lorca kill him and take his place?

Whatever the answers, We’ve only got three episodes in this season to find them out.


Star Trek: Discovery continues on Netflix next Monday


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