Someone just spotted a massive inconsistency in the latest Doctor Who Christmas special

That’s one way to get ahead


Months on from the airing of last year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, The Husbands of River Song, fans are still uncovering new details from that festive episode – including a glaring inconsistency that none of us noticed.


Remember Greg Davies’ King Hydroflax, whose head could be separated from his robot body? Well, in the episode you may recall that the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and River’s (Alex Kingston) attempts to fly off with said alien noggin were stalled by an in-built Tardis safety feature, which wouldn’t let them fly off with different parts of one body both in and out of the Tardis.

It was a neat plot turn – but as pointed out by redditor dreia5, it’s quite inconsistent with what we’ve seen the Tardis do on Doctor Who before.

Just off the tops of our heads we can name a couple of similar occasions, like when Matt Smith’s Doctor installed Handles the Cyberman’s head in the Tardis, or when the severed bonce of Dorium Maldovar took a trip with the Time Lord.

So what gives? Do the rules only apply to blue-blooded cyborgs, or did the Doctor only install this feature recently (perhaps after a VERY messy adventure too gory for TV)? Or did Hydroflax have more of a connection with his body than Handles, Dorium or the Doctor’s hand did?

Looks like we’ll have to put our heads together on this one gang…


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