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Silence of the Lambs TV sequel Clarice sparks backlash from Hannibal fans

A series written by Alex Kurtzman and Jenny Lumet has reportedly been green-lit by US network CBS, but Hannibal fans aren't happy about it

Published: Monday, 13th January 2020 at 4:13 pm

Almost 30 years after Jodie Foster starred as the character in the iconic film Silence of the Lambs, Clarice Starling is set to be given a new sequel show.


A series written by Alex Kurtzman and Jenny Lumet has been green-lit by US network CBS, and will apparently take place a year after the events of the 1991 movie.

According to Deadline, a pilot episode of Clarice has already been written and a writers room has been set up.

The series will focus on the personal story of Clarice, who has not yet been cast, as she continues her quest to pursue serial killers and sexual predators – with Hannibal Lecter unlikely to appear.

Kurtzman and Lumet said, "After more than 20 years of silence, we’re privileged to give voice to one of America’s most enduring heroes – Clarice Starling.

"Clarice’s bravery and complexity have always lit the way, even as her personal story remained in the dark. But hers is the very story we need today: her struggle, her resilience, her victory. Her time is now, and always."

And exciting though the news may be, some fans of Hannibal aren’t happy at the development – with the Bryan Fuller show having not been picked up by any networks since its third series aired in 2015.

One Twitter user wrote, "Here’s a thing literally no one asked for while literally everyone continues to ask for Hannibal."

Another tweeted, "Or f*** this nonsense and bring back Hannibal. You know, a program people actually want."

And a third person wrote, "Clarice getting her own show when [f******] Hannibal S4 was going to include her and we have been waiting for it for years. I AM TIRED.”

However one user was more optimistic, writing, "Bryan has said multiple times recently that he's ready, the actors are ready, and that they were just waiting for a network to pick them up. Since he didn't have Clarice rights then, he has story plans that did not include her. CBS's show does NOT mean #Hannibal S4 won't happen."


And another claimed, “Yes it's a shame that new Hannibal news isn't new news about season 4 of the show, but let's not turn that into disrespect for Clarice Starling. She was a feminist icon in the 90s, and Demme & Foster's creation was an important part of feminist cinema history."


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