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Sacha Dhawan says Doctor Who's diverse casting makes it a "landmark show"

The actor says that he's "really proud" to be the first British Indian to take on the iconic role of The Master

Published: Friday, 3rd January 2020 at 9:00 pm

Sacha Dhawan has praised the diverse casting of BBC One's Doctor Who, saying that he "couldn't feel more proud" to be playing longtime foe The Master in series 12.


The character first appeared way back in 1971's Terror of the Autons as played by Roger Delgado, before later portrayals by John Simm and Michelle Gomez.

The true identity of his role was revealed in the twist ending to series opener Spyfall - Part One, but keeping quiet about his initial casting proved quite the challenge.

The Master (Sacha Dhawan) in Doctor Who
The Master (Sacha Dhawan) in Doctor Who BBC

Dhawan explained: "It’s actually really difficult and I think the more you’re told not to say something, the more you want to! It’s an amazing feeling, especially being the first British Indian actor to portray the role. I’m really proud and excited for people to see it."

"There was a time when actors like myself, wouldn’t even be considered for a role of this nature. Doctor Who has always been a landmark show, but I feel it’s becoming an even more landmark show due the stories that are being written, and the actors being cast to represent them.

"Yes, I’m a nemesis alien time lord, but that’s only the surface. For me, the role becomes ‘iconic’ because if you look beyond that you’ll see that there’s a much deeper story that’s going on. Once I realised that, I couldn’t feel more proud to be incarnating the character."

Dhawan recently explained the long legacy of The Master in a video on the official Doctor Who Twitter page. Strap yourselves in for this one...


Doctor Who: Spyfall - Part 2 airs Sunday 5th January at 7pm on BBC One


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