Rumoured new Doctor Who companion Pearl Mackie met Peter Capaldi very recently

Could the Doctor have been there to whisk her off to shoot a certain BBC promo...?


You may be aware that we’ve currently got our eye on a relative newcomer, Pearl Mackie, as the new Doctor Who companion. For an explanation of why, read this.


So it was of course with great interest that we spotted this – that Mackie and Peter Capaldi met up very recently…

You can probably pick the Doctor out of the line-up and that’s Mackie on the far right, together with the rest of the cast of the Gielgud Theatre production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, in which she is currently starring.

So what was Mr Capaldi doing there? Well, as the tweet says, he came to watch the show – it’s supposed to be very good – so maybe he simply decided to go backstage to say hello and share his support.

Or maybe, just maybe, he was picking Mackie up so they could head off to film this…


Whatever the reason, let’s just say that seeing them together hasn’t dented our theory that she is the new companion, or made us want it any less – after all, Peter and Pearl just has a ring to it, doesn’t it…?