Alex Kingston says she’s “sure” River Song will meet the Ninth Doctor in future Doctor Who audio adventure

Kingston has returned for a new series of The Diary of River Song.

Doctor Who

Alex Kingston has returned for a new series of audio adventures with Big Finish – and now the River Song star has set her sights on eventually teaming up with another former star of the sci-fi show.


Kingston has revealed that she would love to work with Ninth Doctor actor Christopher Eccleston –whose return to the Doctor Who franchise was confirmed last year – on a future audio story.

And she even went so far as to say that she was positive it would happen at some point, telling and other press, I’m sure that will happen. I’ve met Chris at a couple of conventions so I mean I’m absolutely sure that will happen.”

Kingston also revealed that she’s convinced that when it does happen, it won’t take the pair long to gel as a duo – claiming that her experience has always been the same no matter who has been the Doctor.

“It is such an incredible family, the Doctor Who family,” she said. “And whoever comes on playing the Doctor, one immediately feels that one knows them already because one knows the Doctor.

“And every time I work with somebody who has been the Doctor in the past I already feel like I’ve known them forever even though I’ve only just met them, because they have been the doctor and so there’s this immediate warmth and camaraderie and it’s wonderful.”

“I mean obviously if you work on any long-running show you’re going to form a sort of a family group but the interesting thing with Doctor Who is that new people come in but they’re immediately family because of the characters that they play.”

The Diary of River Song - Series Eight (Big Finish)

In addition to starring in the eighth series of The Diary of River Song, Kingston has appeared in a number of other Big Finish series recently, including The Tenth Doctor and River Song alongside David Tennant, whom she will reunite with again as part of the upcoming Dalek Universe series.

And she would also love to eventually reunite with another popular Doctor from the new Who era– one whom she frequently appeared alongside on-screen.

“It will be lovely to get Matt Smith on board,” she said. “I’m sure at some point he will come on board.” 


The Diary of River Song series 8 is available at from Wednesday 27th January 2021. Looking for something to watch? Check out our TV Guide