After a three-year hiatus, Raising Dion is finally back on Netflix with a second season, continuing the story of a superhero youngster getting to grips with his newfound powers.


This season of Dennis Liu’s comic-book adaptation saw a host of new additions to the cast. Alongside main cast members Alisha Wainwright (Shadowhunters) as Nicole Warren and Ja'Siah Young as Dion Warren are Rome Flynn (How to Get Away with Murder), Aubriana Davis and Josh Ventura.

Brimming with more crooked energy, mind control, poisoned flowers, evil monsters and romance aplenty, season two certainly didn't disappoint – and the epic finale left fans with a number of burning questions and even set up a season 3.

But has a third season of Raising Dion been confirmed and, if so, how will it unfold?

Read on for everything you need to know about a potential Raising Dion season 3 – and be aware, there are season 2 spoilers below.

Will there be a Raising Dion season 3?

Hold your horses! Raising Dion season 2 only landed on Monday 1st February on Netflix and, with the streaming giant typically making series announcements after viewing figures become available, we can hardly expect a season 3 announcement yet.

However, while the Netflix show might not have been renewed for a third season as yet, there’s certainly scope for season 3 plot-wise. So, watch this space!

Who could be in the potential Raising Dion season 3 cast?

Raising Dion

As season two came to a close, the Triangle of Justice – that’s Dion Warren (Ja'Siah Young), Esperanza (Sammi Haney) and Jonathan King (Gavin Munn) – were still on good terms with one another, so we can certainly expect the trio to return if season 3 goes ahead.

Despite Nicole’s dance with death after she was infected by the strange flowers in the sinkhole in season 2, in the end she made it through – and lives to tell another tale in a potential third season.

In addition, we’d expect villainous Crooked Pat, aka former family friend Pat (Jason Ritter) to return for a third season, alongside David Marsh (Josh Ventura).

Other potential returning cast members include Dion’s coach Tevin Wakefield (Rome Flynn), head of Biona Suzanne Wu (Ali Ahn), Aunty Kat (Jazmyn Simon) and Janelle Carr (Aubriana Davis). But with nothing confirmed as yet, fans will have to stay tuned for more information.

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What would the plot be if Raising Dion returns?

At the end of season 2, Dion and Nicole were able to rid Brayden of the crooked energy.

Dion soon discovered that "energy never dies" (as the show loves to remind us) however, as the energy was reabsorbed by its former host, Pat, who began to relapse as a result.

“Hello, old friend,” Pat said as he welcomed the energy. Untrustworthy David Marsh then dangled the possibility of building an army in front of Pat, who seemed tempted.

It’s possible that a third season could revolve around the wicked union of the crooked energy, Pat and evil David.

Another indication of this is the season 2 ominous post-credits scene, which teased a showdown between Pat and Dion in the future, so we can expect any subsequent seasons to lay down the foundations for this chilling encounter.

In addition, it’s possible that a third season could delve further into Nicole’s work into energy at research facility Biona, which season 2 failed to bring to a conclusion.

Is there a trailer for Raising Dion season 3?

No, a trailer for Raising Dion season 3 is yet to be announced, which is hardly surprising given that a new season hasn’t been confirmed.

However, we’ll keep updating this page so stay tuned for more updates.


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