Radio Times Sci-Fi and Fantasy Champion 2018 Final

First-time finalist Shadowhunters takes on 2015 winner Outlander - who'll get your vote?

Radio Times Sci-Fi and Fantasy Champion

It’s Day Five in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Champion tournament and only two shows remain.


Fans of first-time finalists Shadowhunters and 2015 tournament winner Outlander  has worked hard to make sure their teams secured a spot in the final and now it’s time for the last battle to begin.

You’ll have just 12 hours to cast your vote for your favourite show before polls close at 10pm UK time on Friday August 3rd.

You can vote as many times as you like for your chosen Champion, but only one show can claim that Sci-Fi and Fantasy Champion title.


Remember, it’s all just a bit of summer fun, so please do make sure to take regular breaks and give those eyes and clicking fingers a well-deserved rest.