Which TV series would you take to a desert island?

Six Feet Under. It’s such a quiet but intense drama, with a small ensemble cast whose performances are awesome. When I heard that Lauren Ambrose [who played SFU’s Claire] was going to be in Torchwood, I went totally fangirl.

What’s your guilty TV pleasure?

It’s awful, but Big Brother. That last series was a must-see in my house. And I do love Come Dine with Me.

Would you make a good Come Dine with Me contestant?

Well, my fiancé says I cook a good salad – he’s the cook in our house, so maybe I would! I’ve got better over the years: when I have time, there’s nothing like making a big spag bol or a curry. And I do make all the baby food for my toddler Matilda.

Who was your first TV crush?

Sean Maguire in EastEnders. I thought he was gorgeous but my mother was convinced he looked like Norman Wisdom. And every time I bought home a boyfriend, she’d say “Ooh, another Norman Wisdom lookalike...”

What’s your fondest childhood memory of TV or film?

The Wizard of Oz was the film that made my childhood.

When was the last time you shouted at the TV or radio and why?

I shout at it so much that my fiancé has got tired of saying, “You do realise they can’t hear you?”

Who did you last change channel to avoid?

Jordan and Peter Andre. I cannot bear them. Whenever I see them, I want to shout “Shame!” at the TV. They are selling their souls and if you invite in cameras like that, you are playing a dangerous game.

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What’s on your iPod?

Though I’m not musical myself, I love all sorts of music. On there at the moment – Johnny Cash, Shirley Bassey, Elbow and Mumford & Sons. They are amazing.

So you’re back in Wales after the whirl of Hollywood. How’s the readjustment?

It takes time, especially with the baby, but we’re settled again and only now I’m fully realising what an amazing experience it was. I didn’t think I would like LA, but I loved it. When it’s happening, you have to pinch yourself.

Would you go back?

If Torchwood gets another series, then we will be relocating to Los Angeles and, all going well, that will be November. But you can’t take anything for granted.

And in the meantime?

I’m doing a second series of Baker Boys, which was shown on BBC Wales and we’re really hoping gets shown on the network. It’s a drama that’s so brilliantly written and it should be seen as many people as possible.

Did you for a moment imagine that a guest role in the first series of Doctor Who in The Unquiet Dead would lead all the way to Hollywood?

Never for a second! That part got Gwen Cooper written for me and, well, I’ve treasured every moment since.