Netflix has announced that sci-fi thriller film Project Power will launch on the platform on 14th August - with a new trailer dropping for the movie on social media channels.

The action-packed trailer introduces star Jamie Foxx as Art, an ex serviceman with a "personal vendetta" who lives in a world where it is possible to take a pill that will give them super powers for five minutes, including invisibility and becoming bullet proof - but which also comes with a risk of death.

The film, which is directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, sees Art join forces with a teenaged drug dealer played by Dominique Fishback and a police officer played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as they attempt to put a stop to the pill's creators.

Netflix released the trailer on Twitter with the caption, "What would you risk for 5 minutes of superpowers?"

In the trailer, Fishback's character is seen telling Art, "On the streets they're talking about superpowers, but they don't talk about how one hit could kill you."

A further conversation between Art and Gordon-Levitt's character reveals that Art's child had something to do with the drug, with the character asking, "Where d'you think they got the formula from."

And it appears as if the trio's battle against the drug is going to be rather a stressful, with the trailer hinting at shootouts, car chases and what looks like an awful lot of fire - while Gordon-Levitt's character is seen to take one of the pills himself.

But the film isn't all action and drama - co-director Ariel Schulman previously told Entertainment Weekly, "We knew that we weren't trying to make a really darkly serious film, because that's just not us. The way we try to get our messages across is with fun and humour. You want actors that had that humanity, that can be serious and light."

And Henry Joost added, "We didn't want to make a movie that was relentlessly dark or relentlessly bleak. Just reflected life, which, sometimes in the midst of these really scary situations, there's levity to be found. We were looking for it."
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