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The Prisoner reboot from Big Finish promises to deliver a whole new ending to the series

50 years on, will we finally get answers?

The Prisoner
Published: Tuesday, 22nd October 2019 at 10:00 am

Big Finish has announced that its revival of classic '60s series The Prisoner will end with its third series, hinting that fans can expect a very different ending to the one they got on television.


The original TV series drew enormous controversy for its baffling finale, February 1968's Fall Out, which delivered no clear answers as to the identity of lead character Number Six (Patrick McGoohan) or the location and purpose of the mysterious village in which he'd found himself trapped.

Though loosely based on the original show, Big Finish's version of The Prisoner will end very differently, says writer/director Nicholas Briggs.

"There’s been a big change from the previous two volumes with this one," Briggs says. "This box set is very much written as a serial. It’s one long story with characters that continue from episode to episode.

"The first three episodes have remote links to the original, but the finale isn’t based on any of the TV episodes, and certainly not Fall Out – the last TV episode – which we sort of covered in The Prisoner: Volume Two."

The Prisoner: Volume 3 - Big Finish
Big Finish

Mark Elstob will reprise his role as Number Six for The Prisoner: Volume Three, which will be released in November 2019 and is available for pre-order now from £19.99 at

The box set is comprised of four stories: 'Free For All', 'The Girl Who Was Death', 'The Seltzman Connection' and the series finale 'No One Will Know'.

A synopsis for the final episodes reads:

Number Six is still trapped in ‘the Village’. Do those who run this place want simply to extract classified information or do they have a darker purpose? Number Six has to believe he will escape. And this time he begins to see a possible way out. But will the price of freedom be too high?

Intriguing... will this version of The Prisoner finale shed some light on what's really happened to Number Six, and the identity of the elusive Number One, or will it leave us stratching our heads just like the '60s original? Only a little while till we find out...


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