Play Freema Agyeman’s Doctor Who word search and read her heartfelt message about epilepsy

The actor, whose niece has epilepsy, is supporting charity Epilepsy Action on National Doodle Day

Freema Agyeman

Given a chance to express herself through a doodle, Freema Agyeman chose to create a rainbow-coloured word search. And what did she include in it? Words key to her acting career, including of course her breakthrough role as Doctor Who companion Martha Jones.


‘Martha’, ‘Doctor Who’, ‘Tardis’ and ‘Alien’ can all be spotted in the doodle below, along with other words relating to her role in Netflix sci-fi drama Sense8 and her current theatre work.

Agyeman is just one of a host of celebrities sharing their drawings for National Doodle Day on Friday 22nd September in support of Epilepsy Action. The charity is close to her heart as her young niece has epilepsy, and Agyeman has also written a message to explain the thinking behind her doodle and give her thanks to an organisation that has provided help and guidance to her family.

“When presented with life’s puzzles, searching for the answers takes strategy and may require a helping hand,” she writes. “For people whose lives are affected by epilepsy, Epilepsy Action offers just that and so much more. Thank you for supporting them in their vital work.”