Peter Capaldi: You can be typecast as The Doctor in less than three series

At the Radio Times Festival, Capaldi addressed questions about the length of his Doctor Who tenure

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Patrick Troughton allegedly once told Peter Davison that any more than three series of Doctor Who were enough to have you typecast as The Doctor for life – but Peter Capaldi says it doesn’t even take that many.


“I think you can get typecast and never work again without having three”, the actor – who became the 12th incarnation of the Time Lord in 2013 – told an audience at the Radio Times Festival.

And when session chair Frank Skinner suggested that Capaldi, an established presence in the acting world before his first trip in the Tardis, probably didn’t have to fear being labelled The Doctor forever, the actor had a rather interesting reply.

“I don’t mind being typecast as Doctor Who,” Capaldi stated. “I mean what’s wrong with that? It’s great, you know, if that’s the stigma that’s attached to how lucky you are.”

Capaldi, who dashed directly from Cardiff to Hampton Court Green for the session, was joined on the Radio Times Festival Main Stage by Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat and executive producer Brian Minchin.

Moffat will return to the Main Stage on Sunday for the Women of Sherlock session.


Doctor Who series 9 continues on BBC1 Saturday at 7:45pm