Peter Capaldi sent a surprise message to some Doctor Who fans on their wedding day

The Twelfth Doctor knows how to handle a very special day


We all know the Doctor is a whizz at weddings – as the sci-fi series has previously mentioned, the Tardis is something old, new, borrowed and blue all at once – so it’s no surprise to find out that Peter Capaldi recently made a couple of Whovians’ day when he sent a surprise message to their nuptials.


Telling new husband-and-wife team Brian and Lesley that he could vouch for their relationship from the future, it was a masterclass of fan interaction from the Twelfth Doctor, which inspired literal bowing from the bride herself.

Now, if we could only work out how to send the RSVPs to the Tardis, any incarnation of the Doctor would be a must-have guest for any wedding day. Especially when it comes to the dancing…


Doctor Who will return to BBC One this Christmas