Peter Capaldi resurrected sweary Malcolm Tucker at the Bafta Scotland awards

It’s not just the Doctor getting one last look in

Peter Capaldi (Getty, HF)

While in recent years Peter Capaldi has become best known for his portrayal of Doctor Who’s time-travelling Doctor, it was another earlier role that first made him a household name – foul-mouthed spin doctor Malcolm Tucker, the breakout character in Armando Ianucci’s smash-hit political satire The Thick of It.


And so when Iannucci was honoured at the Bafta Scotland awards last night (picking up an honorary gong for outstanding contribution to film and television) Capaldi couldn’t resist channelling a bit of his former role, presenting his old colleague with the award while rattling off a few of Iannucci’s choicest lines with a distinctive Tuckerish brio.

Now, of course we can’t repeat the choicest phrases here – is a family website, after all – but rest assured that “omnishambles” is the least of classic The Thick of It dialogue to make a reappearance in the speech, which also served as a timely reminder that as an actor Capaldi’s far more than just a man with a blue box.

And who knows? In a few years, maybe we’ll be looking back fondly as Capaldi does some CLASSIC Doctor Who speeches despite having put in many more familiar turns since then. He’s certainly a man who seems to leave memorable roles in his wake.


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