Peter Capaldi painted a thank you note to Doctor Who comic book artist “for making my Doctor who he is”

It's a neat way to say thank you, right?


Doctor Who comic book artist Rachael Stott has had a rather fitting thank you note from Mr Peter Capaldi – his own drawing.


Stott, who has also worked on Star Trek and Planet of the Apes, tweeted the gorgeous painting penned by the current Doctor, joking that it was her own fan mail.

The Time Lord’s note to the artist reads:

“To Rachel, what an incredible artist you are. Thank you so much for making my Doctor who he is. You’ll never know how large a part you played. Love, light and peace, Peter.”

In the bottom right hand corner it’s signed ‘P CAPALDI FEB 2015’


Capaldi has form for thoughtful thank you notes, recently sending a video message to fans who’d helped celebrate his birthday, speaking in Russian, German and even sign language.