Peter Capaldi explores surrealism while dressed a lot like the Doctor

Capaldi's outfit in this entertaining Tate film suggests he had a strong influence on his Doctor Who look - and makes you wonder what other aspects of his personality he'll bring to the role of the Time Lord

We’re told new Doctor Peter Capaldi was heavily involved in coming up with his outfit for the show – and looking at some of his other sartorial choices it’s not too hard to believe.


In the video below, Capaldi – a former art student – explores the surrealist movement for the Tate. It’s an interesting and entertaining short film in which, among other things, he has fun pointing out the luxuriance of surrealist artists’ hair and psychoanalysts’ beards. Well worth a watch.

But while you’re doing so, you may well notice a striking similarity between what’s he wearing and his Time Lord look. There’s the same button-down white shirt, the same cardigan-waistcoat, with the same dark, tailored jacket, layered over it. 

It backs up what Steven Moffat told us about Capaldi last year – “He likes his clothes. He’s got very strong opinions about clothes” – and also makes you wonder what other aspects of his artistic, surrealist, dark-humoured personality the actor will bring to his Doctor Who role…