Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman show off series 8’s retro vibe in new Doctor Who pictures

The new pictures give fans a glimpse inside the rejuvenated Tardis…

As fans may just possibly be aware, this Saturday marks the return of Doctor Who, with Peter Capaldi taking the helm for series eight. As such, expect the week ahead to be packed full of exciting teases – including these newly released promotional photos. 


In the first of three brand new official pictures, we see Capaldi and Jenna Coleman posing outside the Tardis against a backdrop of Victorian London: the setting for his debut episode Deep Breath. Where, though, is the dinosaur? 

The other two pictures are set in the 12th Doctor’s rejuvenated Tardis, which appears to have taken inspiration from the ’80s game show Blockbusters…

It’s a very retro vibe. So much so, in fact, that if we all didn’t know any better, you could very well be forgiven for thinking these photos were ’70s screen caps; especially the photo below of Clara taking hold of the ship’s main control panel. 

Yes, we’re very excited.


Doctor Who returns with feature-length series eight opener Deep Breath this Saturday.