Paul McGann’s eighth Doctor takes over the 11th Doctor’s Tardis

"This is my moment!" tweeted McGann as he posted the shot of him wearing his Time Lord costume in the Tardis console room

“This is my moment!” tweeted Paul McGann as he posted this atmospheric photo of himself as the eighth Doctor, arms outstretched, in the console room of 11th Doctor Matt Smith’s recently refurbished Tardis.


Judging by his outfit (and less foppish hairstyle) this is the eighth Doctor in his later years, as seen in 50th anniversary prequel The Night of the Doctor, and was most likely taken during filming on The Day of the Doctor.

McGann’s seven-minute episode prompted calls from many fans for an entire prequel series following McGann’s incarnation. Is this a teaser that it might actually be happening? Probably not – but only time will tell…