Outlander’s Caitriona Balfe: My last scene with Tobias was unintentionally hilarious

Balfe reveals that the last scene she shot with Tobias Menzies had them cracking up on set

Frank Claire Outlander S3

Outlander’s Frank Randall may have bowed out of Outlander in utterly heartbreaking scenes but leading lady Caitriona Balfe says the last scene she shot with her “dear friend” Tobias Menzies was actually quite a lot of fun.


“Funnily enough the last scene that we did film together, Tobias and I, was the separate beds scene at the end of episode two”, Balfe told RadioTimes.com. “That was actually unintentionally hilarious. For some reason we were just in fits of giggles.”

That doesn’t mean she didn’t find the scene itself heartbreaking, though. “I always thought that was quite a sad one”, she said of the revelation that Claire and Frank – who Balfe admits she has particular “soft spot” for, were no longer intimate. “You pull back the camera and they’re no longer in bed together and it’s like ‘oh, you kids, can’t you just get it together?’”

The Irish actress, who has picked up several award nominations – including a nod from the Golden Globes – says she’ll really miss Menzies, who has officially left the show after three seasons.

“We always relished getting the opportunity to do some great scenes together” she explained. “It sort of feel like Sam [Heughan], Tobias and I were the three lifers for the past few seasons.”

That considered, would she like to see him return to the show some time in the future? Or the past? This is a time-travel related series, after all…

“Hopefully, I don’t know that there are any plans to bring him back but everyone says ‘he’s in later books’, I dunno, with time travel maybe it’s possible he might come back in flashbacks if we ever get to that point.”


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