Nike has released ‘Back To The Future’-inspired power lacing shoes

We’re still waiting on those hoverboards though


On 21st October 2015 the world celebrated ‘Back to the Future Day’, commemorating the date to which Marty McFly travels in the sci-fi trilogy’s second instalment.


While there are some things we are quite glad not to have in our own version of ‘the future’ (endless Jaws sequels and the ludicrous fashion sense being among them), there were certain aspects to Robert Zemeckis’ vision that many found appealing, and find themselves clamouring for as we move further away from that fateful date.

Chief among these were the self-lacing trainers, which have become a defining image of the film. It seems that for these, or at least something similar, the wait will soon be over.

Nike has announced its new HyperAdapt 1.0 shoes, which lace themselves thanks to an internal cable system comprised of fishing line and a pressure sensor located in the sole that responds to the weight of your foot as you move with “an algorithmic pressure equation”, Time has reported.

In a video released on Wired’s Youtube channel, the company showcases how the sneaker can be charged, lights up blue when being put on, and has a different colour light depending on how much battery it has left, going to yellow and then to red when it needs charging. Charging is supposed to take three hours, and the battery life is estimated at three weeks.


Unfortunately for most of the world, Nike’s PR director, Heidi Burgett tweeted that the shoe will only be available in the US, with people being able to place their orders from 28 November.