New Star Wars trailer reveals the deadly Knights of Ren

Will The Rise of Skywalker finally show what these villains can do?

Adam Driver is Kylo Ren in STAR WARS:  THE RISE OF SKYWALKER

Way back in 2015 Star Wars movie The Force Awakens we were teased the idea of the Knights of Ren, a deadly cadre of warriors led by Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren (née Ben Solo) who were glimpsed in a flashback massacring Luke Skywalker’s new Jedi Order.


Clearly, these would be powerful, deadly foes for our heroes – but then they never really showed up beyond that one flashback, were never explained (who are they anyway? What can they do?) and didn’t play any role at all in sequel The Last Jedi.

Now, though, with Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker on its way to cinemas, it seems director JJ Abrams will finally unveil this particular mystery once and for all, with all accounts suggesting the Knights of Ren will play a large role in the new movie (there are certainly a lot of toys of them) and a new trailer finally showing them in action.

In the new teaser (which also shows a slightly fatalistic C-3PO, Kylo and Rey’s last battle and plenty more action) we see the Knights of Ren hanging out like a boyband on the planet Pasaana – and if that’s not a clear enough shot for you, the gang can also be found chilling on the new cover of film magazine Empire, below.

So will the Knights of Ren finally have a pay-off? Will they play a crucial role in the conclusion of the Skywalker saga and represent a significant obstacle for our heroes, or will they just fade into the background again after one action sequence?

Until December 19th, it’s impossible to say, but we do know one thing. We will definitely still be buying the action figures.


Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker is released in UK cinemas on the 19th December