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New Doctor Who series 10 trailer sees the Doctor regenerate EVEN MORE - and the Master returns

They’re just playing with our emotions now

Published: Tuesday, 18th April 2017 at 7:50 am

A new trailer for Doctor Who series 10 has arrived, and just like the last one it’s teasing an early regeneration for Peter Capaldi’s outgoing Time Lord. They do like to toy with us.


The 'Next Time' trailer which aired after episode one contained scenes from upcoming episodes, including Mondasian Cybermen, Michelle Gomez’s Missy and... oh yeah, John Simm’s returning Master...!

Intriguingly, the trailer hasn't yet been uploaded on Doctor Who's YouTube channel, but if you want you can see the tease from 48:34 in on BBC iPlayer. After you've watched the episode again of course...

UPDATE: The BBC's Doctor Who YouTube channel has now uploaded a version, so you can see the trailer in full below.

Compared to the slight glow of earlier footage, the new trailer sees the Doctor’s face and hands exploding with the telltale golden light that has characterised the Time Lord healing and renewal process since the series returned in 2005, and while we’re pretty sure this regeneration is just a fake-out we can’t wait to see how showrunner Steven Moffat will write his way out of this one.

Although this teaser hasn't been uploaded yet, there is not one but two trailers for series 10 episode 2, meaning plenty more sightings of those less-than-adorable Emojibots.


Doctor Who continues on BBC1 next Saturday at 7:20pm


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