New Doctor Who companion’s Prince t-shirt “was just a very weird coincidence”

Pearl Mackie's introductory scene was shot over a week before Prince died - but was it her idea to wear the t-shirt?


On Saturday afternoon, two days after the tragic death of music legend Prince, new Doctor Who companion Pearl Mackie was unveiled to the world in a pre-filmed scene also starring Peter Capaldi and the Daleks.


When fans spotted that Pearl – otherwise known as Bill – was wearing a Prince t-shirt (a design from the insert sleeve for his album Purple Rain), many assumed it was a deliberate tribute to the Purple One. But no. According to Edward Russell, the BBC’s Doctor Who brand manager, it was actually just a bizarre coincidence.

Weird indeed.

Nevertheless, we have to wonder whether the idea for Bill to be into Prince came from Mackie herself. Just have a look through her Twitter feed and you’ll see that’s she’s clearly a massive fan – before Doctor Who came along, he’s pretty much all she tweeted about.


Along with some other pieces of evidence, it also makes us wonder whether Bill may actually be a character from the 1980s